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Technical Specifications
newssprint (36000 CPH)
Production Features
Technical Specifications
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NewsSprint - Newspaper Printing Presses
  Printing Unit
» Swing down lever style ink fountain with motorised ink fountain roller.
» Dynamically balanced plate and blanket cylinders(Chrome Plated/Solid Stainless Steel).
» On the nose slit type plate lock up system.
» T Bar blanket lock up for blanket cylinders. (Narrow Gap as optional)
» Motorized lateral register system for both plate cylinders with Limit Switches & with Potentiometer, if required.View Picture
» Motorized running circumferential register on loading side plate cylinder with Limit Switches & with Potentiometer, if required.View Picture
» Motorized phasing compensators.
» Variable speed motorized contactless brushmist dampening system.View Picture
» Pneumatic on/off.View Picture
» Infra red/electro mechanical web break detector.
» Provision for printing 2 colours on same side of web. (direct litho)
» Safety guards.
» Centralized oil pressure lubrication for drive gears.
» Automatic lubrication for operating side with Oil Pump on Drive Side.
» PCB cards for dampener motor speed control.
» Bustle Wheel Assembly to minimize fan out.
» Main Drive Shaft with Balancing Bearing in center (Make-NTN,Japan).
» Top Link with Grater Roller with the provision for Camera motion system for Auto Register.
  Optional Features available are remote Inking System, Auto Register System

  Reel Stand
» Reel Stand with Pneumatic Air Shaft with Shaft Brake.View Picture
» Closed loop tension Control System.View Picture
» Self Air Shaft with Caliper Brake System.
» Reel Stand is available with hydraulic reel loading trolley or pneumatic reel lifter.
» Splicer is available as OPTIONAL.

  Folding Unit
» 2:2 Jaw Type Half page Folder (1/2) suitable for 6 webs of Broadsheet / tabloid size format.View Picture
» Dynamically balanced R.T.F. roller, cutting cylinder & jaw cylinder.
» Air former.
» Double Nipping.View Picture
» Folder jam switch.
» Signal light on the folder.
» Main driveshafts with Thomas coupling at cylinder height for minimumbacklash and smooth power transmission.
» Electronic copy counter.
» Mechanical counter.
» Adjustable kicker for batches between 10 to 99.
» Centralised oil pressure lubrication for drive gears.
» Slitter or perforator on RTF.
» Forward and reverse lap.
» Enclosures on Non Loading Side & Operating Side of the Folder.
  Central Operating Console
View Picture
» Free Standing Independent Central Operating Console with Touch Screen for various control functions.View Picture
Inching/Run Emergency Stop Speed Variation
Inking & Dampening(Auto/Manual) Side Lay on the run Circumferential Register on the run
» Display of all important Press ParametersView Picture
Press Speed Press Status Good Copy Count
Inking & Dampening Status Motorisation
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