How to Choose the Right Flexo Printing Machinery?


30 Dec, 2020

How to Choose the Right Flexo Printing Machinery?

Buying a flexo printing machine is concisely like getting a car. You require the appropriate balance of safety, functionality, and features without breaking the bank so we, NBG Printographic Machinery Co. Pvt. Ltd. are here to make this task a cakewalk for you. We have a healthy domestic market with a pan Indian presence, with orders from major private & government institutions. While purchasing a flexo printing machine is surely a major investment, there is nothing to worry about as long as you understand what to look for and how to pair your new machine with other flexo printing devices, you will be running those presses hot in no time. This blog will list the advice and tricks to keep you on the path while seeking the market for a good flexo printing machine.

A Flexo Printing Machine for Every Substrate

  • Foil & film
  • Tissue & non-woven material
  • Corrugated material
  • Blister packs
  • Not all presses work with all the mentioned substrates, so be mindful of what you pick. Despite your business not currently printing on these substrates, you will want to analyze if the machine you are viewing is capable of printing on them. You might decide to expand product lines in the future.

    Tips for Choosing a Flexo Printing Press
    As you analyze flexo printing machines, recall the below four main principles in the back of your head:

  • Operation
  • Functionality
  • Quality
  • Cost

    Make sure your business is ready for the new flexo machine. Are you going to require a bigger facility to house this new flexographic printing machine? You might have to instruct your employees on how to use it.

    Studying the production process can be helpful when trying to decide what flexo press to get. Will this new machine promote your current production process or will you have to regulate to work around it? While these might not seem like vital concerns, they might make a great difference in the setup cost.


    Flexo printing machines, like vehicles, can come with many supplementary specialties to increase functionality. Depending on your business’ requirements, you might want to consider a machine with:

  • A conveyor system
  • Extra drying system
  • Web cleaner
  • Automated inking systems
  • When viewing different potential specialties, do not just think of what your company needs right now, also examine what your needs will be in a few years. In five years, will your company need additional flexo printing features?

    Do not just go for the minimum when it comes to a flexo printing machine, as in the long run, extra features may make your printing process easier and save you money. You can get this done easily with NBG Printographic Machinery Co. Pvt. Ltd., we also deal with digital flexo printing machines.


    Anytime you shop this large, getting a quality piece of machinery is of maximum importance. To ensure you have a quality printer, get a machine from a well-known and trustworthy company. Several flexo printing machine manufacturers have mighty reliability and offer guarantees on their equipment. NBG Printographic Machinery Co. Pvt. Ltd. is a team of young, skilled, and dynamic Management, Production, and Servicing Team with a clear focus on customer satisfaction.


    Despite having the cost last on the list, it is nevermore the last consideration in anyone’s mind. Let us confront it cost is probably the hugest factor when it comes to buying a press.
    With automobiles, you might be paying more for a brand (think of Audi versus Ford). However, with flexo printing machines, you are paying for the quality. Don’t try to save by purchasing too few features or accepting a low-quality machine.
    Machines from unfamiliar manufacturers or used flexo printing equipment might have functionality problems or voided guarantees. Buy new and work with flexo printing machine suppliers to find financing or other purchasing solutions that don’t need you to sacrifice functionality or quality. If you’re looking forward to buying a flexographic printing machine, contact us, NBG Printographic Machinery Co. Pvt. Ltd.

    Improve Efficiency and Functionality with Other Equipment

    Once you have a flexo printing machine, consider external equipment that improves your machine’s performance and functionality.
    Elastomer sleeves increase productivity by decreasing fixings time and decreasing waste. They are a sustainable printing solution that is simple, adjustable, and long-lasting, up to three times more durable than other materials in some cases. They also increase safety when using solvent-based inks as the sleeves don’t swell.
    In addition to elastomer sleeves, you might also think of particular anilox rollers for flexo printing and flexo inks, depending on what you are printing.
    But other than additional equipment, consider adding prepress solutions. Having proficient help with graphic design, color management, and print prototyping can reduce wastage and lead time. NBG Printographic Machinery Co. Pvt. Ltd. is a well-established and equipped manufacturing facilities including CNC Machining Centers for machining of all critical components of Printing & Converting Machines such as Side Frames & Cylinders. We produce flexo printing machines and many more similar machines.

    Upgrade Your Business with the Right Flexo Printer

    The analysis phase of picking a new flexo printing machine can take time. Do not hurry to the conclusion, as the flexo press you choose has a notable influence on your business’ progress.

    If you’re looking forward to buying a flexographic printing machine, contact us, NBG Printographic Machinery Co. Pvt. Ltd. through our number +91 8595261263 or write to us at, our team would be more than happy to assist you.
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