Used Imported Press Vs New Indian Press


19 Nov, 2020

Used Imported Press Vs New Indian Press

Investing in a new printing press specially in flexo involves many factors to consider, like Budget, Features required like Number of colors, Width of press, UV, Drives etc. most of the times all these features makes it look expensive to buy a new one and a used press looks better budget wide. So is it better to buy a old press vs a new press.

Used Press market:

The used press market is flooded with machines of different brands. One of the reason for these equipment availability is rapid improvements in technology, machine features and automations. Even though this gives you a lot of options of USED machines but they also carry lot of Limitations like a couple of Decades earlier the technologies upgrading was not very frequent and you end up with a very old technology

Technical and Service Support:

Unlike new equipment, used machines do not come with Guarantee / Warrantee, customer support, so either the buyer has a very strong inhouse service team which is generally not the case with all printers and most printers have to depend on free lancers who cannot offer guarantee of performance.

Equipment Breakdown:

Used presses generally look low cost but many times they end up being expensive effectively. Since most of the used machines are decades old, most models are discontinued by the manufacturer of upgraded, due to which most parts especially electronic parts are made absolute and are not available in market which makes maintaining the machines becomes a big task.

Evolution of INDIAN Engineering:

One of the major reasons many printers used to prefer a used Imported press was due to limited manufacturing capabilities like Machining upto 90’s but in last couple of decades the Indian machine manufacturers have upgraded the manufacturing facilities with latest Computerised machining centres, HMC / VMC, CNC machining and grinding, latest inspection systems like CMM, robotics, and latest assembly process. Today Indian companies have designing and manufacturing capabilities at par with international standards. Many Indian machine suppliers now have successfully installed machines in advanced markets like Europe, US etc.

Growth and Future of Business:

As most used presses are decades old, they were built on technology which are much older, and they cannot grow as per new market demands as they are not compatible to newer components or features effectively. Most of the times buyers end up buying a press that is AVAILABLE rather a press that they NEED.

Most of the times a used press may be a good option for a backup machine or just for a specific job, but can a OLD USED equipment be some thing that is good for todays market demands and tomorrow challenges.

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