Newspaper Printing Machines

A newspaper printing machine, also known as a web offset press, is a machine that prints newspapers in large quantities. It is a reel-fed machine, meaning that it uses paper rolls instead of sheets. Web offset presses are capable of printing at high speeds, producing thousands of newspapers per hour.

Type of Newspaper Printing Machines

Advantages of modern newspaper printing machines

Modern newspaper printing machines offer a number of advantages over older models, including:

  • Higher speed: Modern newspaper printing machines can print at much higher speeds than older models, resulting in faster production times and lower costs.
  • Higher quality: Modern newspaper printing machines produce higher-quality prints with consistent ink coverage.
  • More features: Modern newspaper printing machines are equipped with a variety of features that make them easier to operate and maintain.

Newspaper Printing Machines Key Features

  • Ink Fountain System: The machine employs a swing-down ink fountain system, which can be either key type, screw type, or lever style.
  • Cylinder Balance: Plate and blanket cylinders are dynamically balanced and can be either chrome-plated or made of solid stainless steel.
  • Bushes: The machine uses hardened and ground bushes for durability and precision.
  • Plate Lock-Up: It features a slit-type plate lock-up system.
  • Blanket Lock-Up: T-bar blanket lock-up is used for blanket cylinders, with an optional narrow gap configuration.
  • Plate Cylinder Control: The plate cylinders can be operated manually or with a motorised lateral system, even while the machine is running.
  • Circumferential Register Control: A manually operated or motorised running circumferential register (RCR) is available for one plate cylinder.
  • Dampening System: Dampening options include sock dampening and contactless brush mist dampening. Manual and pneumatic on/off control is available.
  • Web Break Detection: It features infra-red or electro-mechanical web break detectors for continuous operation safety.
  • Safety Guards: The machine includes safety guards to protect operators.
  • Lubrication: Centralised oil pressure lubrication is provided for drive gears.
  • Dampener Motor Control: PCB card dampener motor speed control is available.
  • Bustle Wheel Assembly: This reduces fan-out during printing.
  • Impression Cylinder: In the 3-Colour Satellite model, there\'s a stainless steel dynamically-balanced main impression cylinder.
  • Color Printing Options: Provisions for printing 2, 3, or 4 colours on one or both sides of the web are available, depending on the model.

Folding Unit (For Star-16 & Star-30 Models) Features:

  • Folding Options: 1:2 Jaw Type Half (1/2) page Folder for Star-16 & Star-30 Models.
  • Kicker Adjustment: Adjustable kicker for batch sizes between 10 to 99.
  • Electronic Copy Counter: Includes an electronic copy counter for accurate counting.
  • Smooth Transmission: Main drive shaft with Thomas coupling ensures minimum backlash and smooth power transmission.
  • Safety Features: Enclosures on both Non-Loading Side and Operating Side of the Folder.

Newspaper Printing Machines Optional Features

  • Quarter Page Folder: Allows for a maximum of 2 webs to run at a speed of 22,000 copies per hour.
  • Double Parallel Folder: Can be equipped with or without a Cross Perforator.
  • Web Under Lead System: Enhances web control and stability.
  • Face Clutch: Provides additional drive control on the folder\'s drive side.
  • Slitter or Perforator: Options for adding slitter or perforator on nipping rollers.
  • Upper Former: Enhances the folding process.
  • Spray Dampening System: An alternative dampening system.
  • Reel Stand: Offers floor-mounted independent reel stands with brake options.
  • Closed Loop Tension Control System: For precise tension control.
  • Pneumatic Disc Brake & Pneumatic Reel Lifter: Additional braking and lifting options.
  • Web Aligner: Ensures proper web alignment.
  • Auxiliary Equipment: Includes features like automatic flying splicer, colour-to-colour register control, UV drying system, alcohol dampening, remote inking system, and turner bar.

These features make the newspaper printing machine versatile and capable of producing high-quality printed materials while offering customization options to meet specific needs.

Common applications of newspaper printing machines

Newspaper printing machines are commonly used for the following applications:

  • Newspaper printing
  • Magazine printing
  • Commercial printing
  • Signature / book printing

Newspaper printing process

The newspaper printing process typically involves the following steps:

  • Prepress: The text and images for the newspaper are prepared and laid out on digital files.
  • Platemaking: The digital files are used to create printing plates.
  • Printing: PS plates (printing plates) also known as negative are mounted on the printing cylinders of the newspaper printing machine.
  • Folding: The printed newspaper is folded into its final format.
  • Finishing: The finished newspaper is trimmed and stacked.

Maintenance and care for newspaper printing machines

Newspaper printing machines require regular maintenance and care to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Some of the most important maintenance tasks include:

  • Cleaning the cylinders and rollers.
  • Checking the lubrication system.
  • Inspecting the moving components for wear and tear.

Safety precautions while operating newspaper printing machines

Newspaper printing machines are large and powerful machines, and it is important to follow all safety precautions when operating them. Some of the most important safety precautions include:

  • Always wear safety glasses and gloves
  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid getting caught in moving parts
  • Follow the manufacturer\'s operating instructions carefully.


Newspaper printing machines are complex machines that play an important role in the production of newspapers and magazines. Modern newspaper printing machines are capable of printing at high speeds and producing high-quality prints.

FAQs Related to Newspapers Printing Machines

Which machine is used to print newspapers?

A web offset printing machine is used for newspaper printing. It is designed in both vertical and horizontal configurations. This type of machine is also referred to as a reel-fed offset printing machine. Additionally, newspapers can also be printed on sheet-fed offset printing machines.

What is the name of the machine that prints books and newspapers?

The machine used for printing books and newspapers is called a web offset printing machine, and it comes in three models: STAR 30, STAR 16, and NEWSPRINTS.

What is the printing process of newspapers?

Newspaper printing primarily utilises offset printing technology. This process involves a 4-cylinder printing system for simultaneous front and back printing. Offset printing relies on the combination of plates and blankets. Dampening and inking systems are employed to clean the plates and apply ink. The plates are made of aluminium with photosensitive properties for text exposure, while the blankets are rubber-based and carry a reverse image that is transferred onto paper in a straight manner.

What is the production capacity of the Newspaper Printing Machine?

The Newspaper Printing Machine is designed for high-speed production. It is available in three speed ranges: STAR 30 is capable of producing 30,000 newspapers per hour, STAR 16 has a speed of 16,000 newspapers per hour, and NEWSPRINTS can produce 36,000 newspapers per hour.

Can the machine handle different types of paper materials?

Web offset printing machines can handle both newsprints and writing paper. Writing papers typically have a GSM (Grams per Square Meter) of less than 100 GSM, while newsprints have a GSM of less than 55 GSM.

Is training provided for Newspaper Printing Machine operation?

Upon request, training can be provided. Skilled operators are also readily available across India. During installation and commissioning, our engineers provide basic training related to machine operation and maintenance.

What safety features are incorporated in the Newspaper Printing Machine?

The basic design of the web offset printing machine includes enclosures, guards, and covers for all moving components to ensure operator safety. When the machine is started, a hooter sounds for a few minutes to alert everyone to stay away. Tower lights indicate the machine\'s status, whether it is running, stopped, or in a setup process.

Are spare parts readily available?

There are two types of spare parts: consumables and mechanical components that may need frequent replacement. The machine is supplied with standard spare parts and a toolkit, while consumables are arranged by clients. Spare parts are readily available in our stock.

Which paper is best for Newspaper Printing Machine?

Traditionally, newspaper printing commonly uses 45 GSM salmon newsprints, 55 GSM improved newsprints, and 70 GSM improved newsprints.

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