Top Loading Flexo Press

STARFlex brings you the latest in flexographic printing for labels, packaging and other applications. Offered in Servo (ELS) and Semi Servo (MLS) versions, STARflex can handle wide range of substrates from 20 micron film up to 400 GSM board making it an ideal choice to produce Labels (Supported & Unsupported Substrates,) Tags, Flexible Packaging & Mono Cartons.

STARFlex is a modular multi process combination press and is also used for printing of specialized and unique graphics for Multi Layer/Booklet Labels, Security Printing for applications like Scratch Cards & Coupons, Ice Cream Wrappers & Lids.

Flexibility to add other printing, embellishing and converting systems like Offset, Gravure, Rotary Screen, Digital, Hot Foiling, Cold Foiling, Embossing, De-lam/Re-lam and Die Cutting makes it a versatile and customizable machine for producing value added labels & packaging, thus helping printers in EXPANDING POSSIBILITIES.

  • Heavy duty dual frame unwind to take upto 500 KG reels with Pneumatic reel loading system.
  • Cantilever unwind option available
  • Servo driven infeed and outfeed with closed loop tension control
  • Simple, repeatable settings for ink and impression
  • Easy load and lock print cylinders and ink system
  • Self-positioning rigid doctor blade system
  • Touch screen control allows operator to perform critical functions in a single, central location
  • Heavy Duty full steel frame design provides a rigid system with extended life and consistent results.
  • 3 roller die station to allow back side die cutting by changing roller position
  • Heavy duty cantilevered rewind
  • Hot Air Drying System with closed loop temperature control for each print unit
  • Servo drive with 200 MPM mechanical speed and remote diagnostics capability
  • UV / LED UV / IR Compatible
  • Heavy Duty Rails to hold Turnbar / Cold Foil / Lamination / Rotary screen and
  • No Cut Matrix rewinding system upto 750 mm Dia
Additional Features
  • Offset print units
  • Gravure print units
  • Auto registration
  • Cold foil (Movable on rails)
  • Delam - Relam unit (Movable on rails)
  • Both side printing with Turn bar (Movable on rails)
  • Chiller rollers to handle unsupported films
  • Reversable anvil cylinder for die cuttin gon back side of substrate
  • Digital printing by inkjet
  • Carona treater
  • Dust cleaner


Technical Specifications *
Maximum Working Width 340 / 370 / 430 / 520mm
Substrate 25 Micron film to 350 GSM Board
film, Paper, Labels Stock (PS), APL, PBL,
Metalized Film/ Paper
Printing Repeat Range 8' - 24'' in steps of 1/8"
Sheeting Range 10”- 24”
Die Range 12” 24”
Maximum Unwind Diameter 1270 mm (Dual Frame) 800 mm (Cantilever)
Maximum Rewind Diameter 1270 mm (Dual Frame) 800 mm (Cantilever)
Maximum Mechanical Speed 180m/min*
Max Waste Rewind Diameter 750 mm (with surface winding system for no-break rewinding on matrix)

Disclaimer- Data mentioned is for reference only. The product range is subject to continuous upgradation due to regular R&D efforts and implementation of suggestions received from our valuable end users. We reserve the right to modify the existing product specifications, features and technical information without any prior notice. The specifications will be binding only on the confirmed orders received from the respective clients.