Sheet Cutter Machine-ExACTUS - Sheeter (Roll to Sheet)

ExACTUS Sheet Cutter has inherent potential to cut variety of material/Fabrics as per the growing need of industry(Paper, Board, Convertor, Printing, Packaging, Rigid PVC, Laminates, Holography/ Photography Film & Paper). Machine has been designed adopting Scissor Cut Technology with perfect squareness setting arrangement to produce accurate size sheet.

The Rotary Fly Knife and Dead Knife have been made of chilled cast iron to achieve higher Knife Load with the use of HcHcr Flat Blade housed in C25 Grade Cast Iron Side Frame.

Machine Design facilitate to run the machine with Dual Servo Motor or Single Servo and AC Motor Combination or Single AC Motor Drive. Machine is capable to change the cut-Off size digitally using HMI having most of operational parameter display on it. Machine is universal to be utilized for Register and Non Register Cut with 0.5 mm accuracy and 0.2 mm Least count for Cut off length Double Draw Station, Over Lapping Double Conveyor, Beater Roll, Pneumatic Nipping, Automatic Jogger, Automatic up/down Stacker, Pneumatic Brake, Electro-Electronic Line Guide, Edge Guide, Static Charge Eliminator make the machine to run at higher speed with maximum efficiency


Technical Specifications *
Substrate Writing Paper, Craft paper, Board, Laminates & Rigid PVC
Thickness/GSM Max. 450 GSM, Min. 20 GSM
Max. Paper Roll Width/Deckle 1000/1300/1700 mm
Max. Paper Roll/Deckle Dia 1250 mm
Type of Cutting Simplex Cross Cutting (Scissor Type) with Dead & Fly knife
Cut off Length 297-1100 mm (Digital Size Setting/Single or Dual Servo Motor)
Unwind Reel Core Dia 76 mm(3")
Knife Load max 600 gsm
Speed 140 cuts/min to 160 cuts/min
Max Unwind Reel Stand 8 Nos
Cutting Accuracy 0.5 mm


This Machine is known as Copier Paper Making Machine, A4 Sheet Cutter, sheet cutting machine.

Mache is used to produce A4,A3 and A5 Sheet by paper Converting Industry.

Whole machine has been build up by using C-25 Grade CAST IRON side frames to ensure vibration free operation. The scissor type cutting system has been adopted with the combination of Rotary Top Fly Knife and Stationary Bottom Knife to ensure noise less sheet Cutting. Magnatic/ Pneumatic Brakes is used to maintain desired tension for smooth and accurate cutting.The double Draw Mechanism and Overlapped double conveyor enable to achive desired perfaction in operation of cutting, sheet transportation and stacking of sheets. The individual vibrating stacker ensure the proper stacking of sheets


Technical Specifications *
Substrate Writing Paper, Craft paper
Thickness/GSM 50-105 gsm
Max. Paper Roll Width/Deckle 950 mm
Max. Paper Roll/Deckle Dia 1250 mm
Type of Cutting Simplex Cross Cutting (Scissor Type) with Dead & Fly knife
Cut off Length 297 mm
Cutting Accuracy 0.5 mm
Number of Unwind Stations 4 Nos.
Unwind Reel Internal Core Dia 76 mm(3")
Knife Load max 76 mm(3")
Knife Load max 250 gsm
Speed 150 MPM

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