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'STAR' & 'newssprint'


'STAR' & 'newssprint' Web Offset Presses are single width, one plate around, cold set presses used for newspaper & contract book print production. 'STAR' & 'newssprint' presses have modular construction, quick make-ready, with simple design for ease of operation and maintenance. The unit frames are made of high tensile cast iron. The ink fountain has 24 manually adjustable levers.

Press Models & Speed Options

STAR - 16 (16,000 COPIES PER HOUR)

STAR - 30 (30,000 COPIES PER HOUR)

newssprint (36,000 COPIES PER HOUR)

Cut-off Sizes Available

    508 mm (20"), 533 mm (21"), 546 mm (21 ½ "), 560 mm (22") and 578 mm (22 3/4"). Other Cut-off Sizes are also available.

Printing Unit

Mono Unit with Integral Reel Stand (U), Stack Unit (S), 3-Colour Satellite (3CS), 2Hi Tower, 3Hi Tower & 4Hi Tower.

  • Key / Screw type / Lever style swing down ink fountain system
  • Dynamically balanced plate and blanket cylinders (Chrome Plated/Solid Stainless Steel)
  • Hardened and Ground Bushes
  • On the nose, slit type plate lock up system
  • T Bar blanket lock up for blanket cylinders (Narrow Gap as optional)
  • Manually operated or Motorized lateral register system for both plate cylinders, on the run
  • Manually operated or Motorized running circumferential register (RCR) on one plate cylinder
  • Sock dampening / Contactless brushmist dampening system
  • Manual / Pneumatic on/off
  • Infra red/electro mechanical web break detectors
  • Safety guards
  • PCB card for dampener motor speed control
  • Bustle Wheel Assembly to minimize fan out
  • Main Drive Shaft with Balancing Bearing in centre
  • Provisions for printing 2 colours on same side of web (direct printing)
  • Stainless steel, dynamically-balanced main impression cylinder (in 3-Colour Satellite)
  • Provision for printing 3 colours on one side of web or 2 colours on one side and 1 colours on other side of web (direct printing) (in 3-Colour Satellite)
  • Heavy-duty compensator on 3-Colour Satellite
  • Provision for printing 4 colours on both sides of one web, or 2 colours on both sides of two webs, or single colour on both sides of three webs (in 4Hi Tower)
  • Heavy-duty timer belt drive for 4 stack units (in 4Hi Tower)
Folding Unit
  • 1:2 Jaw Type Half (½) page Folder( For STAR-16 & STAR-30 Models )
  • 2:2 Jaw Type Half (½) page Folder( For newssprint Model ) suitable for 6 webs of Broadsheet / Tabloid size format
  • Dynamically balanced R.T.F. Roller, Cutting Cylinder & Jaw Cylinder
  • Air former
  • Double nipping
  • Folder jam switch
  • Signal light on the folder
  • Main drive shaft with Thomas coupling at cylinder height for minimum backlash and smooth power transmission
  • Electronic copy counter
  • Adjustable kicker for batches between 10 to 99
  • Centralised oil pressure lubrication for drive gears
  • Enclosures on Non Loading Side & Operating Side of the Folder
Optional Features
  • Quarter Page Folder (1/4) for maximum 2 webs to run at a maximum speed of
    22,000 copies per hour
  • Double Parallel Folder with or without Cross Perforator (Available in STAR-30 Model only)
  • Web under lead system
  • Face Clutch on drive side of folder
  • Slitter or perforator on nipping rollers
  • Upper Former
Reel Stand
  • Floor Mounted independent Reel Stand with Wooden Block Brake
Optional Features
  • Closed Loop Tension Control System
  • Pneumatic Disc Brake & Pneumatic Reel Lifter
  • Web Aligner
Auxiliary Equipment
  • Automatic Flying Splicer / Zero Speed Splicer
  • Automatic Colour to Colour Register Control
  • UV Drying System
  • Remote Inking System
  • Spray Dampening System
  • Turner Bar

ADD-ON SHEETER ( Model : AOS-900 )

  Technical Specifications *
Substrate Writing Paper, Craft paper, Board, Laminates & Rigid PVC
Thickness/GSM Max. 450 GSM, Min. 20 GSM
Max. Paper Roll Width/Deckle 889/1100/1400 mm
Max. Paper Roll/Deckle Dia 1250 mm
Type of Cutting Simplex Cross Cutting (Scissor Type) with Dead & Fly knife
Cut off Length 297-1100 mm (Digital Size Setting/Mechanical Size Setting)
Unwind Reel Core Dia 76 mm(3")
Knife Load max 450 gsm
Cutting Accuracy 0.5 mm
Speed 140 cuts/min to 160 cuts/min


   Technical Specifications *
Substrate Writing Paper & News Prints
Thickness/GSM Max. 150 GSM, Min. 40 GSM
Max. Paper Roll Width/Deckle 914 mm
Max. Paper Roll/Deckle Dia 1067 mm
Unwind Reel Core Dia 76 mm(3")
Speed 300 MPM
Speed AC Motor
Drive VFD

Disclaimer- Data mentioned is for reference only. The product range is subject to continuous upgradation due to regular R&D efforts and implementation of suggestions received from our valuable end users. We reserve the right to modify the existing product specifications, features and technical information without any prior notice. The specifications will be binding only on the confirmed orders received from the respective clients.