Automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine with Twisted Rope & Flat Handle

This Machine is specially designed to make paper shopping bags with handles inline automatically . The handle will be delivered to the main machine after being produced by the handle making unit,and being cut and pasted to the paper . This machine can form the paper bag in one process from the roll, handle patching ,side gluing , tube forming & Cutting , bottom Creasing & gluing and forming to bags collection in the control servo (Mitsubishi brand, imported from Japan) to ensure the high precision stability ,simple maintenance and high efficiency . Thus it is an ideal equipment for printing houses and paper bag manufacturers.

Technical specifications

Twisted Rope Handle
S.No.Twisted Rope Handle 350QB 450QB
1Handle rope height 90-100 mm 90-120 mm
2Handle rope distance76 mm 95 mm
3Handle rope diameter3-5.5 mm 3-6 mm
4Handle patch length152 mm190 mm
5Handle patch length42.5-50 mm42.5-50 mm
6Handle patch roll dia1200 mm
1200 mm
7Handle patch roll dia85-100 mm85-100 mm
8Paper patch gram80-150g/m280-150g/m2

Flat Handle
S.No.Flat Handle 350QB 350QB
1Flat handle height100 mm 100 mm
2Flat rope distance76 mm95 mm
3Paper gram for handle100-130g/m2100-130g/m2
4Flat rope width12 mm15 mm
5Handle patch length152 mm190 mm
6Handle patch width 42.5-50 mm42.5-50 mm
7Paper patch roll dia 1200 mm
1200 mm
9Paper patch gram 100-150g/m2 100-150g/m2

Main Machine
S.No.Main Machine 350QB 350QB
1Roll paper width420-1090 mm 650-1370 mm
2Max.dia of roll paper1500 mm 1500 mm
3Core dia of roll paper76 mm 76 mm
4Paper gram 60/180-350 mm65-150g/m2
5Finished bag width130/180-350 mm230-450 mm
6Paper tube length260-(530 mm) 280-(630mm)
7Bag bottom width 65-180 mm80-220 mm

Whole Machine
S.No.Whole Machine350QB 350QB
1Max production speed 420-1090 mm 650-1370 mm
2Total power 1500 mm 1500 mm
3Machine weight 60/180-350 mm65-150g/m2
4overall dimension (L*W*H)130/180-350 mm230-450 mm

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