Roll Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

This Machine is Specially designed to make paper based bags ,Shopping bags with square bottom . It can form the paper bag in one process from the paper roll, side gluing, tube forming & cutting ,bottom creasing & gluing and forming to bags collection by the control of Mitsubishi servo motor (imported from Japan ) to ensure the high precision and stability ,simple maintenance and high efficiency.


  • This is the suitable for making Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine.
  • It runs fast with stability and the rope diameter can be adjusted and customized according to customer’s requirement.
  • In addition, the machine also has automatic counting and gluing functions, which can greatly improve the efficiency of subsequent processing operations of users.

Technical specifications

S.No. Flat Handle ZD-F190 ZD-F350 ZD-F450A ZD-F450BZD-F550
1Roll paper width 280-650 mm 420-1090 mm 670-1290 mm 650-1370 mm 670-1670 mm
2Paper tube length 190-370 mm260-530 mm260-530 mm280-630 mm 380-770 mm
3Finished paper bag width 80-190 mm 130-350 mm 240-450 mm 230-450 mm 240-540 mm
4Bag bottom width (gusset) 50-110 mm65-180 mm80-200 mm 80-220 mm 80-280 mm
5Paper gram 50-150 gsm 60-150 g/m2 70-150 g/m2 70-150 g/m2 80-150g/m2
6Max. dia. of roll paper 1500 mm 1500 mm 1500 mm 1500 mm 1500 mm
7Inner dia. of paper 76 mm 76 mm 76 mm 76 mm 76 mm
8Max. Production speed 240 bags/min 220 bags/min 200 bags/min 200 bags/min 160 bags/min
9Total power 11 kw 15 kw 15 kw 18 kw 18 kw
10Machine Weight 7500 kg 9000 kg 10000 kg 10000 kg 1200 kg
11Overall dimension (L*H*W) 9300*3300*1900 mm 9300*3300*1900 mm 9500*3500*1900 mm 9900*3500*1900 mm 11500*3800*2100 mm

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