Duplex Slitter Rewinder Model : DSR-650

This Model Machne is known as Duplex Slitter, Duplex Slitter Rewinder, Centre Drum Slitter Rewinder, Centre Cum Surface Slitter Rewinder, Film Slitter Rewinder, Aluminium Foil Slitter, Paper Slitter Rewinder, Narrow Web Slitter, Laminate converting, BOPP/CPPP/TAPE converting machine.

This is a universal machine used in Printing, Packaging, Film manufacturing and Foil/Lamination Industry suitable for all type of paper, film and foil.

Machine is designed to accommodate shear (Rotary Knives) slitting system, Razor Blade/Surgical Blade slitting system. Machine is equipped with Pneumatic brake to maintain accurate tension for proper rewinding. Centre and Surface Drive Technology of machine gives utmost perfection/accuracy for rewinding for narrow width slitting. Idle Rolls supported web transportation system makes the machine efficient for wrinkle free operation

Technical specifications

SubstratePaper(Writing, Poster & Craft), Film, Foil, PVC, Laminates, CPP & BOPP
Max Paper Roll Width700/1000/1250/1750 mm
Max. Printing Width1000 mm
Min Slitting Width20 mm
Max Rewind Roll Dia450/650/1000 mm
Paper Core Internal Dia 76 mm(3”)
Max Slitting Speed150/250/450 mpm
Thickness of Substrate30-200 gsm/10-400 Micron
MotorAC Motor

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