HM-6418G Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine

The  HM-6418G Automatic Rigid Box Making machine is suitable to do various big size premium boxes’ mass production, such as mobile phone boxes, gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, watch boxes, slanting (option),slip case boxes (option), clamshell box (option) etc. Size range is bigger, more suitable for current packaging market. Appearance wisemachine has a newer design which is safer and more beautiful.


  • Suit to all kinds of rigid boxes in mass production
  • Computer control with error auto stop and display (optional)
  • Adopt servo and PLC
  • Automatically change mould (optional)
  • Automatically feed paper and greyboard.
  • 24-hours control for glue pre-heating
  • Input 300 product formula, and add 2G memory SD card (optional)
  • Automatically cut and heat tape to paste the greyboard box’s quad stayer
    (four corners), with independent man-machine control
  • Spotter by camera tracing system and Robot Arm (spotting inaccuracy
  • Wrapper can automatically and continually lift box, wrap paper, fold corner
    edge, fold in and form box.
  • Automatic control system for glue viscosity (optional)

Technical specifications

Paper Sheet Size
(B=Length, A=Width)
B (Max.) 850mm
B (Min.) 180mm
A (Max.) 610mm
A (Min.) 95mm
L (Max.) 600mm
Finished Box Size
(L=Length, W=Width, H=Height)
L (Min.) 100mm
W (Max.) 400mm
W (Min.) 50mm
H (Max.) 130mm
H (Min.) 12mm
T 1-3mm
Thickness Range 80-160gsm
Folding Edge size (R)10-125mm
Folding-in Depth15-100mm
Paper Pile Height (Max.) 300mm
Greyboard Pile Height (Max.) 850mm
Glue Tank Volume 40L
Air Supply 460L/Min, 0.8Mpa
Speed ≤30pcs/min
Power 26KW
Net Weight 6500kg
Machine Dimension 6800x4500x3300mm

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