HM-S400 Automatic Taping Machine

HM-S400 Adopt PLC for controlling for driving, touch screen for operation, step motor to feed tape. Thus, it is very stable, accurate and durable, which make it is very reasonable choice for rigid box manufacturers.


  • HM-S400 can automatically feed greyboards, paste the 4 corners at one time and deliver to the conveyor belt.
  • The tapes must be hot-melt tapes (heat sensitive tapes). And it can output up to 60 boxes/minute when it is ring boxes.
  • It mainly adopts cylinders and stepper motors to carry out the movements. Thus it is more financially friendly compared to the mechanical (by cam) ones.
  • Hongming Machinery Co Ltd is the leader in the production of rigid box machine (such as cell phone box, gift box, jewelry box, shoe box, shirt box,

Technical specifications

Max. size of box450x400x130mm
Min. size of box60x60x15mm
Greyboard Thickness0.8-3mm
Speed One time Tapping - 10-55 Pcs/min Two Times Taping – 10-30 Pcs/min
Total power2.2kw
Air Supply 0.6- 0.8Mpa
Weight 800kg

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