HM-600E Automatic Glue & Spotter Machine

HM-600E is an automatic multifunctional equipment for high precision positioning of hard cover and large –size premium box.


  • HM-600E Automatic Glue & Spotter machine has automatic paper feeding, gluing and automatic temperature control functions. It is equipped with a 24-hour timer.
  • The paper suction system can effectively avoid curling or bubbling of paper materials. Meanwhile, the automatic paper feeder system ensures stable and fast operation.
  • The automatic gluer is compatible with hot melt adhesives or animal glues which are healthy and environmental friendly. The machine can be remodeled to support white glue.
  • The automatic gluing machine is equipped with a PLC, Camera tracing system and Robotic arm and needs.

Technical specifications

Paper width size :95-610 mm
Paper thickness:80-160gsm
Speed:15-25 pcs/min.
Power :11 kw
Voltage :AC380V
Net weight:2000kg
Measurement :5500x 2600x1900 mm

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