Continuous Stationery Printing Machine

Continuous stationery printing machine is used for producing and printing continuous/ Zig-Zag paper stationery to be used in Dot Matrix printers.

This machine can produce stationery in sheet form from paper reel which can be used in ink jet printer.

This machine is also known as computer stationery printing machine. Machine is capable to print in multicolor with numbering and barcode.
By adding security features machine can be used for security printing like share form, cheque draft, gate pass, e-way permit etc.


Machine is equipped with following features.
A. Heavy casted common base for all printing units.
B. Hard and Ground gears.
C. Fine Pitch gears
D. Micro Registration
E. Duplex Punching
F. Solid grinding rollers
G. All main machine parts manufactured on CNC machines
H. Frames Boring on fully computerized horizontal boring machines

Technical specifications

Maximum Working Width – 15’’ / 20’’ / 24’’
Max. Design Speed (Mech.) – 30,000 Feet per Hour
Substrate – Paper 30 – 220 GSM

Unwind Unit:

Unwind Reel Diameter – 1270 MM
Draw – 2 Positions
Brake – With Dancing Feedback

Processing Unit:

Punching – Double UP Round / Serrated
Perforation – 10’’ To 16’’
Zig – Zag Folding Range – 8’’ To 14’’

Offset Printing Unit:

Number of oscillating Rollers – 4
Total Rollers – 20
Ink Form Rollers – 2
Cassette Range – 10’’ To 18’’ (Circumference)

Offset Plate Thickness – 0.20MM
Self Adhesive Blanket Thickness – 0.95 mm
Blanket Mounting – Deep Groove Mounting
Plate Mounting – Clamping Type Mounting
Offset Cassette – Three Cylinder

Rewind Unit:

Max Rewind Diameter – 600 MM Max.

How continuous Stationery Printing Machine Work?

This machine is reel fed machine having unit type separate printing station. Machine has processing unit equipped with horizontal and vertical perforation system with Zig-Zag folding arrangement for making stationery packet. Offset and letter press printing technology are used for printing. Numbering & barcode can be also printed in this machine.

Continuous Stationery Printing Machine Advantages

This machine is very high speed machine. There is very very minimum wastage. Machine is easy to run efficiently. Maintenance coast is very low.

Explain The Benefits of Using Continuous Stationery Printing Machine Its High Quality, Low

Quality, Low Cost, and Fast Turnaround Applications:

Following are Benefits for Using this Machine
A. Blank, Pre-Printed, commercial and security stationery can be printed in this machine.
B. As this is a very high speed machine, cost of production will be low.
C. Change over time is Minimum, so efficiency is more in terms of production.
D. Cost of maintenance is very low which makes production cost low.

Continuous Stationery Printing Machine Applications:
A. To produce blank continuous stationery
B. To produce pre-printed stationery
C. To print security forms check out draft share form
D. To Produce stationery in sheet form
E. Number Printing
F. Bar code printing

How To Maintain a Continuous stationery Printing Machine

This is a electromechanical machine having robust structure and operator friendly design. Before running and after running the machine, it require proper cleaning of machine. Operator must insure the running of lubrication properly. There should not be any unusual sound in.

Common Troubleshooting Tips for Continuous stationery Printing Machines:

Machine is provided with operation manual which explain the procedures to run the machine. Normally in this kind of machine setting issues arises which are in mechanical nature. A skilled operator can set it out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Continuous stationery Printing Machine:

Ques. What is the production capacity tips for Continuous stationery printing machine.
Ans. 30000 – 40000 Forms per Hour

Ques. Can the Continuous stationery printing machine handle different types of materials?
Ans. In can handle only writing paper (40 GSM - 120 GSM)

Que. Is training provided features are incorporated in the Continuous stationery printing machine?
Ans. During installation & commissioning our engineer impart training to operator.

Ques. What safety features are incorporated in the continuous stationery printing machine?
Ans. Alarm, Hooter, Lighting, Emergency Switch, Covers & Etc.

Ques. Are spare parts readily available for this continuous stationery printing machine?
Ans. Machine is supplied with standard spare parts and tool kit.

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