Auto Roll Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine with twisted handle

Paper bag machine with handles inline is specially designed to make paper bags with one step. The handle making equipment forms the cord and paper roll to handles, which are delivered to handle pasting section to perforate, the plain or printed paper and glue, and are fed to main machine for side gluing, tube forming, cut-off, bottom creasing, bottom gluing, bag forming and bag collection.


  • Suitable for small square bottom paper bags with handles.
  • labor cost effective.
  • Specially design for food & ornaments industries
  • Enhance quality of packaging bags.
  • Special bottom closing device improves the slow bottom closing process in traditional models, so as to greatly enhance the bag making speed.
  • Distinct bottom gluing system (water glue) can efficiently save glue loss and labor cost, bringing the profit to the customer directly during the production.

Technical specifications

ModelZD- F260QZD- F350QZD- F450QXZD- F450QZD-F550Q
Roll paper width360-910 mm420-1090 mm650-1370 mm650-1330 mm670-1670 mm
Paper roll dia1500 mm1500 mm1500 mm1500 mm1500 mm
Roll Core Dia76 mm76 mm76 mm76 mm76 mm
Paper gram50/65-150 g/m260/80-150 g/m270/80-150g/m280/90-150g/m280/90 -150 g/m2
Paper bag width100/130-260mm130/180-350mm230-450 mm230-450 mm240-540 mm
Cut off length260-(530 mm)260-(530 mm) 280-(630 mm)380-(780 mm)380 -(770 mm)
Gusset Width65-180 mm65-180 mm80-220 mm90-200 mm80-280 mm
Handle height70-100 mm90-120 mm90-120 mm90-120 mm90-120 mm
Handle rope dia3-5 mm 3-5.5 mm 3-6 mm3-6 mm 4-6 mm
Handle patch length 114 mm 152 mm 190 mm190 mm 190 mm
Handle patch width 42.5 - 50 mm42.5 - 50 mm42.5 - 50 mm 42.5 - 50 mm 42.5 - 50 mm
Rope distance 57 mm76 mm95 mm95 mm95 mm
Roll Paper (Patch) dia1200 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm
Roll Paper (Patch) Width 85-100 mm 85-100 mm 85-100 mm 85-100 mm 85-100 mm
Handle patch gram 80-150 g/m2 80-150 g/m2 80-150 g/m2 80-150 g/m2 80-150 g/m2
Max. speed100-150 bags/min 100-150 bags/min 100-140 bags/min 90-130 bags/min 80-130 bags/min
Total Power 30 KW 30 KW 30 KW 30 KW 30 KW
Machine Weight 17500 KG 18500 KG 19500 KG 20500 KG 21500 KG
Overal dimension (L*W*H) 13500*5600*2500 mm 13500*5700*2500 mm 14500*5800*2500 mm 15000*6000*2500 mm 15500*6200*2500 mm

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