Fully Automatic Sheet-fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

This machine is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags with handles from sheet paper, patch roll & paper rope. It is an ideal equipment for producing paper handbags. By implementing steps including handle making, handle application, bag mouth folding, tube forming and bottom forming within a fully automatic process, this machine can effectively save labor costs. Equipped with advanced pre-heap paper feeder, this machine can realize non-stop feeding, thereby improving the production capacity. Thanks to perfect technologies, it can product paper handbags with high quality in many different forms which are especially suitable for food & clothing industries.

Technical specifications

Techincal DataKING-22HKING-35HKING-45HKING-50H
Paper Width490-770mm530-I050mm610-1260mm750-1260mm
Paper Length260-445mm340-600mm380-620mm460-8OOmm
Paper Thickness90-180gsm90-180gsm90-180gsm90-180gsm
Bag Body Width150-260Wmm180-350mm220-450mm280-5OOmm
Paper Tube Length215-395mm280-540mm300-560mm400-740mm
Bag Bottom Size60-130mm70-160mm 70-170mm80-230mm
Bag Mouth Fold Width40-50mm40-60mm40-60mm40-60mm
Handle Rope Height160-180mm170-185mm170-185mm170-190mm
Handle Rope Diameter4/5/6mm4/5/6mm 4/5/6mm4/5/6mm
Handle Patch Length133.4mm152.4mm188.4mm228.6mm
Handle Patch Width80-90mm90-100mm90-IOOmm90-100mm
Rope Spacing66.7mm76.2mm 94.2mm114.3mm
Paper Patch Roll D ameter1000mml000mm1000mm1000mm
Paper Patch Thickness90-110gsm90-110gsm90-110gsm90-110gsm
Max. Production Speed70bags/mln70bags/min70bags/mln60bags/mln
Total Power20kw27kw30kw34kw
Total Weight19tons21.6tons24tons24 tons
Handle Making Machine sizeL5.41XW1.34XH2.69mtrL5.41XW1.34XH2.69mtrL5.41 XW1 .34XH2.69mtrL5.41XW1.34XH2.69mtr
Bag Making Machine sizeL14. 1XW2XH2.7mtrL14.1XW2XH2.7mtrL14.1XW2.3XH2.7mtrLI7.87XW2.3XH3.16mtr

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