Wide Web Flexo Printing Machine – STACK Type

The Wide Web Flexo Printing Machine – STACK Type is where the Print units are stacked vertically for a lesser footprint of the machine. This enables the machine to be installed in less space and makes it ideal for startup companies. Stack model is suitable for printing on Film, Non Woven ad paper.

More About the Wide Web Flexo Printing Machine – STACK Type

The machine consists of a series of printing units, each of which is responsible for printing one color. The printing units are stacked one on top of the other, which allows for high-quality printing with fast turnaround times

The machines can be equipped with latest features like hydraulic loading, auto tension controls, energy saving drying systems, slitting and rewinding.  The machine output can be offered in sheets if required.


Following are some main features of stack type flexo printing machine:

  • Hydraulic Loading and unloading system at unwind and rewind.
  • Auto tension control with real time load cell feed back
  • Auto web aligner to maintain the web position
  • PLC Controlled operations.
  • Ceramic Anilox rollers for sharp printing
  • Enclosed Chamber doctor blades with Ink pumps for consistent print
  • Circumferential and Side registration systems with easy to control knobs.
  • Pneumatic Impression on / off
  • Independent motor to keep the anilox rotating when machine stops to avoid ink drying on anilox
  • Special heaters after each print unit for pinning
  • Dedicate heater chamber after the last print unit for final drying.
  • Slitting system with web spreader/
  • Independent motor for rewind unit for accurate rewinding.

Technical specifications

Max. Material Roll Width 600mm800mm1000mm²
Max. Printing Width 560mm 760mm960mm
Max. Un/Rewinding Diameter1500mm 1500mm1500mm
Printing Repeat Length 200-900mm 200-900mm 200-900mm
Registration Accuracy ±0.3mm ±0.3mm ±0.3mm
Max. Mechanical Speed ±0.12mm 100m/min 100m/min
Drying ModeHeated-air Drying

Stack Type Flexo Printing Machine Video

Applications of Stack type flexo printing machine

Stack type flexo printing machine can be used to print:

  • Paper Bags
  • Food Wraps
  • Product Wrappers like Leather goods etc
  • WallPapers
  • Thermal Paper
  • Poly bags Film
  • Non woven bags material
  • Flexible packaging
  • Medical packing materials

Advantages of a Stack flexo printing machine

  • Compact design needs less space to install compares to Unit type flexo
  • Economical
  • Less Power required

Faqs Related To Wide Web Stack Flexo Printing Machine

What is the production capacity of the machine?

The production capacity of a wide web stack flexo printing machine depends on the width of the web, the number of print stations, and the speed of the machine. A typical machine can print up to 100 metres of web per minute.

Can the machine handle different types of materials?

Yes, wide web stack flexo printing machines can handle a variety of materials, including paper, film, foil, and textiles. The specific materials that can be printed on will depend on the type of inks and coatings that are used.

Is training provided for wide web stack flexo printing machines operation?

Yes, we provide wide web stack flexo printing machines training for machine operation. This training can be provided on-site or at the manufacturer's facility.

What safety features are incorporated in the Wide Web Flexo Printing Machine - STACK Type machines?

Wide web stack flexo printing machines have a number of safety features to protect operators, including:

  1. Guardrails around the machine to prevent operators from coming into contact with moving parts
  2. Emergency stop buttons to quickly shut down the machine in the event of an emergency
  3. Sensors to detect objects in the machine's path and prevent accidents

Are spare parts readily available for Wide Web Flexo Printing Machine - STACK Type?

Yes, spare parts for wide web stack flexo printing machines are readily available from our manufacturer or authorised distributors. This ensures that the machine can be repaired quickly and easily in the event of a breakdown.

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